History of butter

In the old days, Icelandic butter was made in a plunger churn. Butter was produced using milk both from cows and from ewes. The milk was placed in a trog (a wooden tray with high sloping sides) and left to stand, after which the skimmed milk was...

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Butter tasting

Chocolate topping


This topping is very simple and tasty and offers a large range of possibilities. The basic rule is to use 70% of your favourite chocolate and 30% butter. Manjari chocolate with a slight nutty flavour, for example, is very good. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie (a bowl placed over a pan of boiling water). Keep the chocolate cake simple so that the flavour of your favourite chocolate comes through properly. The butter makes the chocolate softer and prevents it from setting completely.

70 g chocolate
30 g butter


Look in the fresh fruit section in your local supermarket where you should find a wide range of delicious fruits, and what could go better with a rich chocolate delight.


Smjör unsalted

Smjör slightly salted